Why we don’t need to go to war with Russia

Australia’s foreign policy is a mess.

The Coalition is stuck in the past.

The Labor Party is too scared of Putin.

And there’s little appetite for foreign involvement.

We are still a country that needs foreign intervention.

That’s why the world should be watching the upcoming election in Australia.

This is a very tricky time for the Liberal Party, as it seeks to regain its political credibility.

It is not only the Coalition’s policy that has gone wrong, but also the leadership of the Liberal National Party (LNP).

The LNP’s election platform is now a mess, with an incoherent manifesto, a plan to replace the Abbott government with an Australian version of the Russian Federation, and a call to attack Putin.

It is the first time that the LNP has ever campaigned for an election and the Coalition has lost its way.

In fact, the Coalition is facing a major crisis in its own party.

For years, the LBNP’s policy has been to oppose any form of military action in Syria.

Its primary goal is to support the rebels fighting Assad.

This has led the LN to support both sides of the Syrian conflict.

But the LNS has also been accused of failing to grasp the lessons of the past and the need to act decisively in Syria if the international community is to prevent further deterioration.

But this week, the Liberal MPs from NSW and Queensland were forced to resign after they joined the LNs call for military action.

They are accused of acting as a cover for an “extreme” position.

And the LNT also lost its Queensland caucus.

These MPs, who have been critical of the LNC, now find themselves in the position of having to support an extreme policy and potentially the loss of their jobs.

What is at stake The Coalition has also become the centre of attention for the LNA, the Australian branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

While the LNF has been criticised for not taking a tougher line on the conflict in Syria, the Liberals have been accused by the LND for not backing the LNB.

The LNA has also faced allegations of support for ISIL.

The LNA and the LNV are the most extreme wings of the Coalition.

But it is not just their extremist ideology that has set them apart from other groups.

They have also had a record of promoting a very hostile attitude towards Australia’s Western allies.

When the LNGL was formed in 2014, the NSW Government said that it would support the LNN.

It was only after the LRN threatened to boycott the LNE that NSW Government backed down.

It has now reversed course and says that it will not be supporting the LNL in any capacity.

And the LNZ has also suffered a blow.

This week the LNK released a statement saying that it was abandoning its support for the Coalition, which it labelled a “fringe” party.

The NSW Government was also quick to distance itself from the LNW.

The Queensland Government has also said that there will be no support for its LN candidates.

But its actions are just one sign that Australia’s LNP party is heading for a crisis.

The new Liberal Government will face a dilemma: if it backs a policy that could undermine the security of its own people, it risks being seen as a backbencher who has backed down, and its members may lose their jobs or even be expelled from Parliament.

In a world that is increasingly polarized and polarized politically, the political situation in Australia is becoming more volatile than ever before.

The Liberal Party is facing an existential crisis.

But for all the issues that are now at the forefront of the national debate, the major problems are more important to Australia than ever.

And these are issues that the Coalition and the Liberal Government are unable to address, because they are still in denial about the reality of the situation.

The next few months are going to be pivotal for Australia’s future.

The ABC’s James Burt reports.

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