Why the US is so obsessed with Russia

A lot of things in the world can be explained with the same theory.

It is the same story, the same reason why the US wants to control Russia, that it can control them and control the rest of the world, and it is all a big joke.

I’ve got a theory that the reason why America’s government has been so obsessed in the past few decades with Russia and the Russian Federation, and the way it is now, is that the US was afraid that Russia was going to take the US away.

So, Russia is like a giant red-tape, it can’t be undone, it cannot be taken apart.

This fear was a part of the mindset of the Americans when they took control of the Soviet Union.

So it is very easy to understand the fear that was instilled in the minds of the US by its fear of the USSR being taken away.

But this fear, this desire to control, is a bit different from the one of being afraid of Russia in the US.

So the US has been very much involved in this region and this region is a very important part of Russia, and this is the reason that the fear of Russia is still so prevalent in the United States.

The other reason why I have been able to explain this theory is that I think that Russia is very much a global country, and I think the fact that the country is a global power is part of why it is so important to have an understanding of its regional power structure.

So Russia is a country with a global presence, but in a different way, and its not like the US had a monopoly on this power structure and that it was going away.

Russia was not going to lose its regional dominance.

The US is going to have to deal with it.

The reason is that Russia’s regional power, that of the United Russia, is more important than the power of the Western powers, the European powers, and so on.

Russia is more than a superpower, and that is the fact.

So I think there are a lot of similarities between Russia and America.

Russia has a regional power that is not only more important in the region, but more important for the rest.

In America, you have a bigger nationalistic sentiment, and you have some American exceptionalism, and your military power is not as good as the Europeans or the Western power, so that is why the relationship is so much closer between the two countries.

The relationship between the US and Russia is much closer than that between the United Kingdom and France, which is the other big superpower.

The Russian Federation is much more like a country that is much bigger and has more resources.

And its not just about the resources, but the other thing about Russia, which I mentioned earlier, is the relationship between its leaders.

The Kremlin leadership is extremely hierarchical.

Its not just a group of people, its a system, its very important for a leader to have this kind of leadership structure.

There is no hierarchy.

There are no people, but there are leaders.

So Putin has been a very strong leader.

He has been able, as a leader, to be very effective in getting rid of those who have betrayed him, and he has been successful in doing that.

He is a person who is very hard to control.

He’s very good at convincing people, even if he has to persuade a lot people, because he knows how to manipulate people, he knows who will go along with his schemes, and people are willing to believe what he says.

Russia’s leaders are also very good politicians, and they are extremely good at manipulating the media and the public opinion in order to get people to like their policies.

So these are some of the characteristics that Russia has.

And I think Russia is going through some of these changes as a country, as I said.

Russia will also continue to have its own problems, but as a global leader it has to deal on the problems that it has, and we are going to see more of that.

And so I think it is going into the next phase of its evolution, and Russia will be able to make a bigger impact on the world.

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