When the Razzies play their Russian anthem at the end of the season: Here’s how it will work

The Canadian national anthem will be played during the 2017-18 season in Canada and Canada will play the national anthem at every game.

The Razzie anthem will not be played in the USA, the anthem will only be played when Canada plays at home, and Canada won’t play the anthem on the road.

The anthem will also not be shown during pre-game introductions and on the scoreboard.

It will be performed during warm-ups and post-game speeches.

It is not currently being shown on TV, and is not being used in promotional material.

The new anthem will replace the Russian national anthem that was first introduced in 1996, and it is not expected to replace the Canadian national or other anthem that is in common use in other countries.

The CBC, CBC-TV and Rogers Media are all airing the anthem in their respective markets on Sunday nights.

 The anthem is part of the official Canadian national song, and plays at every sporting event and on all sporting events for Canadians.

The song is sung by Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff, Lt.-Gen. Jonathan Vance, and the anthem is played during Canadian hockey games and by Canadians at all sporting tournaments and concerts.

The national anthem is also played at all major sporting events in the United States and is used to raise funds for charity.

Canada’s national anthem was played at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and has been played in many major sporting venues including concerts, hockey games, hockey tournaments and many other sporting events.

The anthem has been used in many countries in the world including China, India, Russia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, South America and Africa.

An official website dedicated to the Canadian anthem states: The Canadian National Anthem is an iconic national song of Canada, and was first played in 1896.

It was originally sung by Canadians to celebrate the centennial of Confederation and was later changed in honour of the first Olympic Games in 1896 in Toronto.

There are many variations on the Canadian National anthem including many that are different in wording and meaning.

For example, in some countries the song is not performed at all, while in others it is performed by Canadian bands or singers.

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