What Russian speakers say about the US, the Kremlin and Putin

By MICHAEL SCHWARZGERPublished Feb 06, 2017 07:40:34When it comes to the Russians, they can be pretty blunt.

They talk about the United States, the CIA and their enemies, they talk about Washington’s military might, the US and NATO, NATO’s actions in Syria and Ukraine and their involvement in the Syrian conflict.

So, what are the Russians really saying?

They’re not really saying much about the West or about Russia.

They are more focused on the economic situation of Russia.

The Russians are worried that their economic situation is heading down the same road that America is heading.

Russian economists are worried about inflation, which is a problem.

The Russians are not happy with the way the economy is going.

They don’t want to see a repeat of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which took place in 1991 and 1993.

Russia is in the midst of its own economic crisis and is still in the process of trying to recover from the global financial crisis.

The Russian economy is in a very difficult situation.

It’s losing about 15 percent of its gross domestic product each year.

It needs to grow by an average of 1 percent a year to keep the economy going.

There are some problems with the budget, especially with the defense budget.

Russia has an oil and gas monopoly that can only be filled by the United Nations.

They have a large military budget.

The situation is really difficult for the Russians.

In the past year, the economy has shrunk by about 5 percent and by more than 3 percent every year.

They had been expecting to see the economy grow by 3.5 percent annually for two years.

This is not what the Russian economy expects, but the situation has gotten much worse.

Russia is in dire straits, which means that it is in need of help.

So, what do the Russians do?

They call up the IMF and the World Bank.

The IMF and World Bank are there to try to help.

They’ve been doing so for years.

And they’re now getting more and more involved.

But it’s not enough.

The IMF is not there to solve Russia’s problems, and it’s only trying to do so by making the country more prosperous.

The World Bank, on the other hand, has been trying to help Russia since the early 1990s, when it came out with a loan package to help the country’s economy.

The idea was to give the country money to invest in itself.

But it has become clear that Russia has not done anything about its economic problems.

There’s a big gap between the IMF’s expectations and what Russia has actually done.

Russia needs to take steps to boost the economy, not just by making money but also by providing it with the tools it needs.

The problem is that Russia’s economic policy has been based on a total lack of economic development.

The Kremlin and its economic advisors don’t understand the real situation.

They think that there’s a lot of money available for investment.

Theoretically, that’s the best way to stimulate the economy.

But there’s nothing there.

The situation is actually much worse than the IMF expected.

In addition, the IMF has been sending a lot to Russia and not enough to Russia.

So they have to spend money that they have not been able to spend.

The Kremlin has been receiving money and hasn’t received any.

It is now looking for the IMF to provide more support.

In this regard, the Russian government’s economic advisor, Alexei Ulyukayev, says that they need to provide a “real” financial support to Russia in order to make the country grow.

He has also said that there is no way to get money from the IMF.

In his view, it’s a non-starter because the IMF isn’t doing enough to provide Russia with the necessary tools and incentives to stimulate growth.

The International Monetary Fund’s director for Russia, Alexander Stavrovsky, said recently that the Russian authorities are not doing enough in order for them to receive funds.

Stavrovskys opinion, according to The Wall Street Journal, was that the IMF was trying to “steal” money and that it was not doing it for Russia.

Stavrovsky said that the government was not going to use its own money, but was instead using the funds of the World Trade Organization.

The government was also using its own bank accounts to fund this money.

It’s not true that Russia hasn’t had problems.

It has had problems and it has had a lot.

And that’s why we’ve had an economic crisis.

But the real problem has been the IMF, which has taken money from Russia and kept it for itself.

The problem is not with the IMF or with the World War II era.

It was with the post-war era, when Russia was in a state of crisis, when the IMF wanted to make money and when the World Court ruled

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