The Russian oligarch who was a CIA asset and a key player in Trump’s 2016 election victory is being hunted for corruption

RUSSIAN oligarch Oleg Deripaska has been accused of paying a US senator $500,000 to secure Trump’s election victory in 2016.

Deripakhas company, Rostec, was one of the main donors to Mr Trump’s campaign, which is being investigated for possible fraud by US authorities.

The allegations have been made by Mr Deripakas lawyers, who allege he is being persecuted for his business interests.

The billionaire tycoon has denied the allegations.

The Senate Intelligence Committee said last month it had interviewed Mr Derpakhas lawyer, Robert Mercer, and former senior adviser to President Trump, Stephen Bannon, about the alleged payments.

A US grand jury in Washington has also opened an investigation into the allegations against Mr Derips lawyer, who has not been charged with a crime.

The former US intelligence chief has not said if he is cooperating with investigators.

Mr Derps lawyer said he would cooperate with the investigation.

“The allegations are not accurate and they are false,” Mr Deriks lawyer, Stephen Jaffe, said in a statement.

“I fully expect that the investigation will conclude quickly and without any charges being filed.”

Mr Derippas lawyers said he is not cooperating with the inquiry and is being harassed and intimidated.

“Mr Deripaks allegations are baseless and false, they are baseless, and they have nothing to do with the Trump campaign or Russia,” Mr Jaffe said.

The accusations against Mr Trump have sparked a backlash from both Democrats and Republicans, with Senator Lindsey Graham calling for Mr Derisakhas removal.

“It is time to impeach Oleg,” he said on Monday.

The White House has said Mr Derisiakhas comments about the president and Mr Trump are not meant to be taken seriously and he should “stay away from the president”.

Mr Derivs lawyer said Mr Trump had no personal involvement in Mr Derispakas campaign, and that he had never met Mr Derimakhas.

The senator said he has no ties to the former president and he has never met him.

Mr Trump was sworn in as president on January 20, 2017.

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