The first official word on Russia’s new missile: Russia’s top missile designer has a big mouth, but the rest of the country has no idea what to do with it

This week, Russia’s deputy prime minister and defense minister both said they would like to know more about Russia’s newest weapon, which will be the first official weapon to be launched by the country. 

“I would like us to learn more about the weapon,” Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with state-run RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

Rogozins deputy was speaking ahead of a briefing on the development of the missile by the defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, which was scheduled to be held on Friday.

Rogosin also said he wanted to know about the technical specifications of the weapon, including its size, weight, range, and missile design. 

The missile, which has not yet been officially named, will likely be the only military weapon to go into production in the Russian Federation.

The country has been pushing for a new missile system in recent months, with the goal of bringing new military capabilities to the country as the country’s modernization and modernization efforts slow. 

A Russian news outlet reported last week that Rogozinos new proposal would include a range of 300 kilometers, or roughly the distance from New York to Washington, DC.

The Russian military has also been looking at developing missiles with a shorter range. 

Earlier this month, the Russian military announced a plan to develop a new air defense system, the S-400.

The program has yet to be finalized.

Russian officials have been working on the new missile since March, according to the Moscow Times.

Russia also reportedly is working on developing a new long-range surface-to-surface missile. 

Russian officials also said in February that they would be considering building an aircraft carrier to replace the Soviet-era aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. 

Russia’s current aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kukri, was decommissioned in 2014 and the country is now working on building a new vessel to replace it.

The new carrier could also be used as a base for Russian military operations. 

In March, the country began construction of a new nuclear missile silo and nuclear power plant, as well as the construction of an underwater nuclear missile base. 

Rogozins new proposal also calls for the development and construction of two new strategic ballistic missiles, known as the SS-N-17, which are intended to counter threats to Russia’s air and naval capabilities. 

According to a report by the Russian Defense Ministry, the SS17 is a “largely automated” ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

The SS17 can hit targets at ranges up to 700 kilometers (420 miles), the report stated.

The first of the SS15 missiles was launched in September, while the second, SS15M, was launched on June 5.

The missile has a range that could hit targets up to 600 kilometers (350 miles).

Development Is Supported By

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