Russia’s Russian scientists and engineers are leaving the country after the coronavirus pandemic, a new report says.

Russian scientists who had worked in the country’s military and civilian health services were ordered to leave on December 2, and are now being assisted by foreign doctors and nurses, the Moscow Times reported Friday.

The news came as the country continues to struggle to contain the spread of the virus, which has killed nearly 300,000 people since the end of December.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he expected the country to lose about 100,000 scientists and technicians by the end, while more than 2 million have been hospitalized in the last month alone, according to a statement from Medvedav’s office.

The ministry also announced that some 30 percent of the countrys military personnel would be transferred to other nations.

The Russian government has said the pandemic was caused by a human error.

In addition to its military forces, the Russian government is also struggling to contain a resurgence of the coronacovirus that has been spreading around the world.

The Kremlin has banned all public gatherings and public gatherings of more than five people, and it has banned gatherings of groups larger than 10 people, the Associated Press reported.

Russia is still working to isolate the coronaval virus, and its health ministry is still looking for any new cases, the AP reported.

However, Medvedov said he expects Russia to recover by December 1.

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