Russian prison dogs attacked and tortured for years

RUSSIAN POWERS, Russia — The dogs were put to sleep, then doused with gasoline and set alight, then dragged into a cellar, where they were tortured and starved, according to an exclusive report in Russian newspaper Vedomosti.

It’s been decades since the Russian government has held any Russian prisoners, and the dogs are still being used as punishment.

The Russian government says the dogs were given to prisoners in the late 1990s to prevent their escape from the notorious Siberian prison, where tens of thousands of prisoners are held.

The dogs were also used as guard dogs for the Soviet Union’s first prison, the Gulag, which was set up in 1931.

According to the report, the dogs’ handlers beat the animals to death.

One dog died of a heart attack.

Then, according a letter seen by CNN, in 2004, authorities began systematically torturing the dogs, forcing them to sit and sleep for hours in their cages for days.

This torture resulted in their deaths.

Now, in 2018, the Russian authorities announced that the dogs have been released, and that the investigation is complete.

CNN spoke with Vedomotia reporter Olga Semenova.

What do you think of the dogs being released?

Well, I think that the reason is that the government has been trying to justify its actions and that’s the main reason.

The human rights organization Amnesty International said the dogs could be used as a deterrent.

It said the cruelty inflicted on the dogs would serve as a warning to others.

I think that they deserve to be released.

I think they should be sent back to the gulags.

Are there any human rights groups that are against the release of the Russian prisoners?

No, Amnesty International doesn’t have any opposition.

We are only concerned about the dogs.

What is the state of the investigation into the dogs?

The investigation was closed on February 5, 2018.

Can you tell us more about what happened to the dogs in 2016?

At the end of the year, there was a decision to release the dogs and to send them to the Gulags.

But that decision was later reversed.

Is there any possibility of their return to the human prison system?


We haven’t heard anything.

And if they come back, they will be killed.

And so they are inhumane.

What about the fact that they are still used as guards in the Siberian prison?

That’s a different story.

They are used to guard the Siberian gulags as guards and to guard prisoners who were sent there.

The Russian government is trying to change this and the situation is getting worse.

Do you think the dogs should be used in prisons to deter others from escaping?

Of course not.

The animals are used as dogs for a very good reason.

They are used for guarding the gulag and for guarding prisoners who are in the gulges.

I would rather see them killed than tortured and abused.

How long did the dogs spend in prison?

They were brought to the Siberian prisons in the early 1990s.

The prisoners were being sent to the GULAG in the 1990s and they were being held there, but the dogs came to be used to deter prisoners who had been sent to be punished.

The dog was used to get the prisoners to sit in the cages.

The other dogs were used as guarding dogs for guards.

It was an easy task to train the dogs to be trained to sit still.

What was the treatment like?

The dogs got beat with sticks.

They were tortured.

They got burned.

And they were kept in the cellar.

The first dogs that arrived in the prison were chained up, and they would be tied up with ropes.

Then the dog handler would tie them to a board.

They would get beaten with a stick, and then they would get burned.

The final dog that came to the prison was chained up and chained to a wire.

They didn’t get used for guards, but for prisoners.

They wouldn’t even get a chance to sleep.

They just sat there.

What happened to them?

The prison authorities put them in a cellar.

There were dogs that were used for guard dogs in the Gulums.

And then there was the Siberian Gulag.

Did they have a name?


They had a name, ‘Siberian Prison Dogs.’

They were named Siberian Prison Dogs.

What did they look like?

They looked like dogs.

They belonged to the Russian prison system.

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