Russian composer says ‘I’m tired of people being rude to me’

Russian composer Dmitri Kiselyov has called on President Donald Trump to refrain from speaking to him at the United Nations General Assembly.

Kiselyev has said he feels like he is being treated like a guest in a room and has been subjected to racial slurs and attacks, including by members of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Associated Press reported.

Kiserlyov said he is tired of being called a foreigner in Russia, and that it is insulting.

The AP reports that the president has been the subject of a torrent of criticism in recent weeks after he responded to a question from the Russian ambassador to the U.S. by saying he has “never heard of this country.”

Trump on Thursday told The Associated Press that he had never heard of the country Kiseleyv worked for, and has called Kiserlyav a “sarcastic and sarcastic man” in a recent speech.

Trump also said in the speech that Kiseleve had been fired by Russia after his remarks criticizing Trump.

Trump’s statement comes as Trump continues to face criticism for a string of controversial statements he has made on the issue of Russian interference in the U,S.

election and his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey in May.

The White House has dismissed the Russia-related charges as part of a broader attempt by the Trump administration to deflect from his administration’s Russia ties and allegations that he colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

Trump has denied those allegations, saying the allegations were fabricated by the Democrats and that he will be vindicated.

Kistelkov said that he is not interested in the attention the Russia issue is receiving from the Trump White House, The Associated News reported.

“I’m going to focus on my own work, I’m not going to talk to anyone,” he said.

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