Russian bear dog riles Russia

Russian bear dogs are a breed with some controversial histories.

Some say they are bred to hunt bears.

Some believe they’re used as spies.

And some even believe they were created to be a symbol of the Russian civil war.

Russian civil authorities say they have no knowledge of any of these rumors, but it’s hard to tell.

Russian Russian beardogs are a unique breed of dog that has been popular in Russia for centuries.

But they’re also controversial.

In the 1980s, the Russian government banned all domestic breeds of bear dogs.

Russia’s then-president, Boris Yeltsin, ordered all bears to be culled.

But the breed’s popularity rose when a Russian bear called Raffiye was adopted by American actress Lena Dunham in 1996.

In 2012, the Siberian Husky became the first bear to win an Oscar for Best Actor, and the American Kennel Club named the dog its official mascot.

In 2016, Raffis became the latest dog to win the prestigious American Kennedys Companion Animal Award.

But many people are not happy about the dog’s name.

Many people believe it is offensive, and some people even believe it’s a Russian propaganda.

Russian Bear Dog Owners’ Association In a 2015 article on the website of the Russia Bear Dog Owner’s Association, a group of Russian citizens took a stand against the dog.

It listed a variety of grievances with the dog, including that it is used as a spy.

The group argued that the breed was born to kill bears, that it’s used as an animal deterrent, and that the name Raffie is an insult to Russian heritage.

But some Russian bear owners said they’ve found the name offensive.

In a comment posted on the group’s Facebook page, one user wrote that “the Raffia breed is used to kill and destroy the people of the world.

In addition to being a spy, it’s also a cruel dog, and can also be a danger to dogs.”

In a 2016 article on a website dedicated to the Russian bear, a member of the group said, “Raffies are a dangerous breed.

They are not trained to be friendly.

They don’t have the temperament to live in the house of a human.

The best thing they can do is to be killed by someone who doesn’t know them well, such as a police officer.”

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