Russia, US agree to ban use of ‘russian hacking’ on US elections

US and Russian officials are agreeing to ban the use of Russian hacking on US election monitors, according to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Russian hackers broke into US voter databases and broke into voter rolls before the November 8 presidential election, with some states reporting more than half of the votes cast were stolen, Reuters reported.

Trump has blamed Russia for the hacks and has called for a probe.

The agreement was reached after talks in the White House, Tillerson told reporters.

Trump and Putin agreed on measures to prevent the use or spread of hacking tools to undermine the US electoral process, Tillerson said, adding that the two sides will work to make sure they don’t ever happen again.

Trump tweeted earlier this week that the US had reached an agreement with Russia to ban using Russian hacking tools on US voting monitors.

Tillerson said the Trump administration was working on a bill to ban “russian interference in US elections” and that the agreement would be put into law when it is ready.

Torture, not democracyTrump said that the president had called for “torture” to be stopped before he was elected.

“We are working on that, and it will be signed before the end of the week,” Tillerson said.

“But the president has called torture not democracy, and we will work together to stop that,” he said.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers, including some Democrats, have called for the release of the CIA’s torture report, which shows the Trump campaign used waterboarding as a method of interrogation.

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