[RT] Russian Desserts That Actually Taste Good

The Russians are known for their sweet and sour dishes, but they are also known for making them well.

We asked them about some of their favorite Russian desserts, and they are all worth a look.


Russian Daughters’ Dessert – Russian Dresses are one of the best desserts for babies, and the Daughters Russian Dress is no exception.

It’s a mix of berries, apricots, and apples, with the fruit sprinkled on top.


Russian Cake – This dessert comes from Russia, and is quite a treat for the entire family.

The base is topped with creamy white buttercream, topped with whipped cream, and then topped with a chocolate glaze.


Russian Pancakes – Pancakes are usually made with egg whites, milk, and sugar, but the Russian Pancake is actually made with all three of those ingredients, including milk and sugar.


Russian Chocolate Cake – It’s no secret that Russian Chocolate is very popular in the US, but in Russia it’s also very delicious.

The dessert uses sweetened cocoa powder, whipped cream and vanilla beans, and has a delicate and decadent finish.


Russian Apple Pie – This apple pie is one of our favorite Russian dessert recipes.

It has a rich and chocolatey flavor with a soft crust and no sugar coating.


Russian Cheesecake – If you like cheesecake, you’ll love this Russian cheesecake.

It comes in a large, soft, and fluffy shell, topped off with whipped topping.


Russian Lemonade – This lemonade is so simple and delicious.

It uses lemon juice and ice cubes instead of water and cream, so it’s very refreshing.


Russian Vanilla Ice Cream – The perfect treat for a cold winter day.

The frozen cream is made with real vanilla, flavored with rum and orange zest, and topped with vanilla ice cubes.


Russian Spiced Coffee – This is a simple, delicious dessert, made with a combination of coffee and vanilla.


Russian Strawberry Cake – The Russian Strawberry is one the most popular desserts in Russia, but we’re sure you can find a variety of delicious variations on this simple dessert.


Russian Pumpkin Pie – If there’s anything that the Russians are good at, it’s pumpkin.

They have a wide variety of pumpkin pies available, ranging from pumpkin-based pies to chocolate chip-filled ones.


Russian Cream Pie – You can’t go wrong with a vanilla-flavored ice cream with this creamy dessert.

It is so soft and fluffy that it will be perfect with a cup of coffee.


Russian Coffee – If the Russian is all you have, then this is your dessert.

This chocolate-filled cupcake is a delicious treat for any time of year.


Russian Peanut Butter – If a chocolate-covered peanut butter is not your thing, then you might not be able to make this dessert.

The Russian Pea Butter is a rich, creamy, and buttery dessert that is very easy to make.


Russian Cookies – This chocolate cookie recipe is a classic, and if you are not familiar with this popular dessert, it comes from Sweden.

It includes white chocolate, dark chocolate chips, and brown sugar, along with a sweet chocolate shell.


Russian Ice Cream with Orange Peel – The best ice cream in the world.

The Orange Peel is topped off by caramel, vanilla, and chocolate chips.


Russian Marshmallow Fluff – A favorite of Russian food fans for its smooth texture, it is a great way to use up those leftover marshmallows you may have.


Russian Coconut Cream Pie- A classic, healthy dessert with coconut cream filling.

It can be whipped up with whipped butter and milk, or whipped cream.


Russian Orange Cream Pie (with a chocolate and vanilla shell) – Another popular dessert for Russian lovers, this one comes from Estonia.

It consists of dark chocolate, coconut cream, whipped butter, and vanilla ice cream.


Russian Tarte Tatin with Orange and Coconut Cream – A delicious, healthy treat made from the fruits of two different trees.

It combines orange and coconut cream with vanilla and cinnamon.


Russian Pudding – This pudding is very similar to a traditional puddings.

It also comes in many variations, including chocolate-flushed, chocolate-coated, and strawberry-fluttered.


Russian White Chocolate Cake (with vanilla ice) – This delicious dessert has a soft and moist exterior that is filled with white chocolate.


Russian Blackberry Cobbler – A classic dessert made from blackberries.


Russian Chai Tea – This sweet tea is a refreshing alternative to coffee.

It features tea bags and a light, buttery topping, and it’s perfect with milk or cream.


Russian Tea with Marshmallow – This traditional Chinese tea is made from water and sugar and has an unusual taste, so if you’re not a fan of the usual teas, you might like

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