‘Ridiculous’: Black Labrador dog on Facebook has a picture of a gun

A dog in a photo posted to the social media platform by a “black Labrador” is getting a lot of criticism after it was shared by the owner of a “white dog.”

The dog in question is a Staffordshire bull terrier named Tasha, and she’s featured in a Facebook photo of a man who’s seen by many as an anti-Semitic bigot.

The man in the photo posted by the “white” dog, the owner told BuzzFeed News, was a local news reporter who wrote about the dog in an article for the local news outlet.

The dog was named for the man’s daughter.

The post by the reporter reads: Tasha is the proud owner of this beautiful black Labrador.

She is a proud black Labrador breed and a proud white Labrador breeder.

She loves her family and her family loves her.

She has a great relationship with the local police and she loves her community.

Tasha has a wonderful, beautiful and loving relationship with her family.

She doesn’t want to see people get hurt.

I will do everything I can to keep Tasha safe and will not stop until all anti-Semites are banned from owning and using dogs and dogs have to be banned from public spaces.

A friend of the “black” dog’s owner told the Huffington Post she was upset by the post, and said she felt the man had a right to defend his dog.

“We are all human beings.

You don’t get to make a decision that is against the law, or the law is wrong, and you are supposed to uphold the law,” the woman said.

The photo was originally posted to Facebook by the man, who also asked BuzzFeed News not to publish his name because he said he fears for his safety.

The Facebook page for the “Black Labrador Dog” shows a photo of Tasha wearing a jacket and pants and holding a rifle in her paws.

The page also shows a picture from Tasha’s Facebook page of a dog with a rifle.

The description on the page says: Tashas family is known for their hard work and dedication to the community.

As a result of this, Tasha was selected to join the Black Labrador Team for her family’s service to the country and the community she serves.

Tashias motto is “Always Ready, Always Ready.”

A page for “Black Lab” in the social network includes the following message: “Black, black, black Lab” Tasha and her team are committed to helping people in need.

We strive to make people feel like family and friends.

In addition to Tasha on the “team,” there are two other Black Lab teams in her hometown of Detroit and two in Chicago, according to the page.

The owner of the dog, who requested that his name not be used, told BuzzFeed that the owner’s daughter posted the photo on Facebook with the caption, “Tasha is a Black Labrador!

She’s a beautiful dog.”

She said that she and her daughter have been in touch with the owner to apologize for the photo and to explain how Tasha came to be featured in the picture.

The woman told BuzzFeed she also wrote a letter to the man to apologize.

The “white Labrador” photo shows Tasha holding a gun, which is one of the dogs on the site’s “Black & White” profile, which shows dogs of different breeds and colors.

The website has a photo gallery of more than a dozen different dogs, including a black Labrador, a German shepherd, a Labrador retriever, and a golden retriever.

Tisha is also featured on the dog’s Facebook profile, with her picture captioned “Tashas favorite toy!” and a caption that reads, “She loves to run, jump, and hunt.”

The man’s Facebook account also features photos of Tashasa with other dogs, and in the description of his photo, he wrote that he was “very happy to see her happy and healthy.”

“Tashi is a wonderful dog, and I wish her the best in life.

Thank you for all the love and support Tasha gets,” he wrote.

The owners of the two dogs in the “White Dog” photo also thanked the man for his kindness, saying they were “saddened” that his dog was being used in an anti.

Semitic photo A page on the website for the Black & White Black Labrador team features a photo captioned, “Black is my Color” and says, “We all need a black dog.

My daughter Tasha just got a new puppy and Tasha loves it.

This photo is just a beautiful representation of what the Black Lab can do for the community.”

The page includes a photo from a Facebook page called Black Lab Team, and it includes a caption of “Tsuyas favorite toys.”

The description says, in part, that the team members are “trained to work with dogs of all breeds and backgrounds.”

In a photo that shows Tashi in her white uniform, she appears to

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