How to tell whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has been poisoned

By Peter SymondsIn the weeks since Russia’s presidential election, Russian media have focused on the country’s “sickening” response to the U.S. sanctions and the possibility that Putin himself might be infected.

This week, however, Russian state media are once again pushing the story that Putin has actually been poisoned, and the evidence they are relying on is an article in the countrys most prestigious newspaper, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, published on Tuesday.

The article, titled “Putin has been sickened by US sanctions” and written by the Russian president’s personal physician, was published on a front-page story on the paper’s website.

According to the article, which was translated from Russian, the Russian leader was suffering from “tumors” that included “sudden fatigue, headache, fatigue, vomiting, weakness and abdominal pain.”

It is unclear if the article is an official statement from the Russian presidency, which is currently investigating the death of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, or if it is a hoax.

The Russian government has denied any involvement in the assassination.

The Rossiysaya Gazeta article was published shortly after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that Putin had been poisoned by the U,S.

intelligence community.

Medvedeva, who is currently vacationing in Hawaii, told reporters on Wednesday that he has no evidence that Putin was poisoned, but added that the “truth is that he is very sick and his health is very difficult.”

The article also claims that Putin’s physician has a background in anti-cancer treatments.

The article also says that Putin “has no history of physical ailments,” but the medical evidence is inconclusive.

A number of reports have since come out saying that Putin is suffering from pancreatitis and other symptoms of cancer.

The Associated Press, for example, published an article last month saying that “a doctor’s diagnosis is no longer conclusive” about whether Putin is being poisoned.

Russia has also been accused of trying to cover up its involvement in Litvinovich’s death.

Last month, a court in St. Petersburg ruled that Russian authorities had failed to follow proper procedures in determining that Litvinovik was poisoned.

The AP reported that Litvins diagnosis was based on a report from an unnamed Russian doctor who worked for the Moscow hospital where Litvinivik was treated.

Russia denies that Litvenik was given a diagnosis that was not consistent with the official report.

Russia is currently conducting an independent investigation into Litvinick’s death, which could lead to a guilty verdict in his case.

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