How to read russian news headlines with a new app

Russia is the latest country to get a new social media tool that allows users to share articles from a wide range of sources.

A new version of the app, called VKontakte, was released today by the Russian government, allowing people to share news stories, images, videos and even news from Twitter.

While the news feed is meant to be a way for users to keep up with events in the country, it is also designed to allow people to stay in touch with their friends, who are then able to follow their posts.

The app is currently available in Russian, English and Spanish.

VKontacke also includes an option to send text-to-speech translations, meaning users can speak Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, French or any other language they want.

VK on VKontaclick is one of many apps available to users of VKontalk, the VKontai messaging service that was shut down last year after it was accused of promoting a pro-Russian agenda.

The service has also been criticized for being dominated by trolls and bots, with the majority of the posts being taken down and removed over time.

VK is one the most popular social media apps in Russia, with more than 1.2 billion users in the region, according to research by social analytics firm AppNexus.

In February, Russian President Vladimir Putin tweeted about his love for VKontakia, saying that it had become a “living memorial of Russian people’s struggle” and that it was “the main channel for many of our friends in the world to reach us.”

Development Is Supported By

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