How to make your cat an American hero with Trump’s russian restaurant

The owner of a Russian restaurant in a northern suburb of Washington, D.C., has turned to Donald Trump’s popularity for a new source of business.

“Trump has a reputation for being tough,” said Mikhail Todorov, owner of the restaurant in Washington’s Potomac neighborhood.

“I just want to bring some business to Washington.

The people who are waiting to come to the United States and work in our restaurant are scared.

They’re afraid of the new administration.

I just hope they understand the business we’re doing here.”

Todorov said the restaurant has had more than 200 clients in the past few months, mostly Americans.

But this time, he plans to try to find a Russian-speaking clientele.

Trump has called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “moron” and “a thug” who “kills journalists, judges and even soldiers.”

He has repeatedly praised Putin for the deaths of more than 100 people in Chechnya, saying the attacks were retaliation for a U.S.-sponsored coup that killed the Kremlin leader.

Todorowv said he has already booked his first clients, including a business partner and a Russian businessman.

The restaurant is part of a larger initiative to help bring business to the area, which is home to some of the nation’s largest Russian-language companies, including Rosneft, Russia’s biggest oil producer and one of the country’s top companies.

The company also runs a clothing line, which has a website and Twitter account.

The business is expected to open in late April.

Trump’s approval rating in Russia has dropped to just 5 percent, according to a recent poll, a number that has dropped more than five percentage points since the start of the year.

A CNN/ORC International poll published in June found that only 19 percent of Russians approve of Trump, and 55 percent of them think the U.K. would be better off with the new U.N. secretary general.

Trump is not the only U.Z. leader who has embraced Russian culture.

Russian singer Marina and the Model of the Year, a Moscow-based pop group, recently performed at a concert in Washington.

The singer was born in the Soviet Union, but moved to the U!


country in the 1990s to escape the Soviet invasion.

Her current band, called Yandex, was created in 2013 to capitalize on her popularity.

She’s performed in Moscow and other Russian cities before, and she’s even appeared in the United Kingdom, which she’s been to twice.

“When I first saw her, I was really impressed,” said Vladimir Yakunin, the Russian-American singer.

“She has such great singing skills and she can sing a lot of Russian songs.

She’s a very beautiful person.

If I see her on stage, I would do my best to take a picture with her.”

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