How to get russian bountys from China, russian spies

How to attract Chinese spies? 

Chinese bounty hunters have been spotted roaming around China’s northern cities like in the movies, according to reports. 

The bounties are offered by local residents and often come with a fake identity, but in reality they are used to entice Chinese spies to join the Chinese military. 

According to the China News Service, local residents of Nanjing in Jiangsu province have been using the bounties to lure foreigners. 

“I heard about a bounty hunter named Jiang Yuan and his wife.

They have been running in Nanjing since 2010. 

One day a group of about 10 people came up to them and asked them to come to Nanjing. 

When Jiang Yuan told them that he is from the Chinese territory of Nanjiang, they agreed and asked him to come and stay with them. 

They said they have a large bounty and promised that Jiang Yuan would receive the reward money if they could lure more foreigners,” an unnamed local resident told China News service. 

Jiang Yuan and the wife of his boss said they were willing to pay a huge bounty of 10 million yuan (US$1.2 million) to someone who would tell them that Jiang has been working for the Chinese government for many years and that they have some sort of connection to the Chinese army, according the report. 

In response to a question about why the bounty hunters are in Nanjiang’s streets, a police official in Nanjie told local media, “They are the people who have been doing this for decades, so they can understand that there is a bounty. 

But the people in Nanjabie are not interested in any bounty.

They are only interested in stealing money and selling it.” 

In addition to the bounty hunting, the Chinese media has also been reporting that a group has been spotted patrolling the streets of Nanjiazhou in Jiangxi province. 

A local resident said he had seen the same group in Nanqiazhou, but that it was smaller and more regular. 

Another local resident of Nanqizhou said he too had seen them patrolling in Nanqiagou, the northern city where Nanjing is located. 

However, they said they had not seen them before and they had no idea why they were out on the streets. 

Police are currently investigating the reports of bounty hunters, but have yet to confirm any of the claims.

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