How to Fake a Russian Tea Room

A few months ago, the National Geographic Channel launched a show called Russia’s Tea Room.

It is the only one of its kind.

The show was an instant hit.

“We had a lot of people come in, but it was hard to sell the idea of Russia’s tea room,” says show producer Sarah Smith.

“But it was a great way to get exposure.”

The show is an effort to get Russians interested in the idea that their country has something of a secret tea room.

The first episode is called “What is Russia’s Secret Tea Room?” and it takes viewers inside a tea room in Moscow.

The room has a large TV and a large table with an espresso machine.

On the table, there are plates, plates of coffee and tea, cups, a silverware tray, a tea towel, a small pot of tea and a tray of tea.

The table is a small kitchen, and there are two chairs on each side.

It looks like a standard dining room, but the only room is a tea hall.

There are a few chairs set up to the side of the table.

The TV is set up in a corner of the room.

On each side of it, there is a TV monitor, and on top of the monitor is a television screen with a large image of a black cat, which is part of the tea room’s theme.

The cats are black, white and gray.

The screen has the text, “The Secret Tea room.”

The cats, like the tea, are not in any way part of this room, so no one is watching.

But they do have a place where people can sit and enjoy the tea.

In a Russian tea room, the tea is placed in a pot and then stirred.

The tea is then stirred for about a minute, then the water is added.

The water is stirred for a few seconds more.

Then the water and the cat are mixed.

The cat is stirred again.

After the cat is mixed and stirred again, the cat comes out of the pot.

The next thing you know, the cats are on the floor.

The whole thing took about five minutes.

“There are a lot more cats than you might think,” says Smith.

The series also tells the story of two cats that were trapped in the room and escaped.

One cat was killed and the other, a white cat, was captured.

The second cat is being held by the Russian government and has not been seen since the episode aired.

But, the show doesn’t tell you how the cats got in the tea rooms.

In fact, there’s no explanation for why they ended up in Russia.

The producers are hoping the show will help Russian officials understand why their country’s tea rooms have become so popular.

Smith says the producers were also surprised to find out that Russians were not just watching the show.

“This is one of those shows that has gotten a lot attention and it’s just amazing to hear the reaction we’ve gotten from Russians, even though it’s a really basic story,” she says.

The most recent episode of Russia: The Secret Tea Rooms is now available on the National Geographics Channel website.

“I think it’s really important that the public understand the secret tea rooms, but they are not the secret of the country,” says co-producer Sarah Smith, who says she has received some very nice letters from Russians about the show and about Russia.

“The most important thing is that it’s getting people to open their eyes to the country that has a very different view of reality.”

A recent poll found that 80 percent of Russians think that the Russians are being too hard on themselves, and that they are too dependent on outside help.

A similar poll found more than 90 percent of respondents think that their government is not doing enough to help their country.

And just like the Russians, many Americans have a hard time accepting Russia as a legitimate country.

“People are still so confused and not ready to open up to Russia because of what’s happening with Syria and the Russians,” says John McWhorter, a political scientist at Rice University.

“Russia is a great example of how to get the American people to look at the country in a different way.

I think it is important that we have a good understanding of how we got to this place.”

But what happens when the show ends?

“I would say that the American public will never understand Russia,” says McWhorters co-author, George Lardner, a professor at Rice.

“They have never really had any chance to do that.”

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