How to create a blue dog in your garage

The idea of building your own blue dog was first brought to me by a friend of mine who has been building dogs for over a decade.

I have a few dogs and wanted to get one of them to work for a while, and this blue dog I am building is my inspiration.

This article is not an exact replica of the blue dog from the movie, but it is based on his description and what I can tell from his build.

It is intended to provide a good idea of what to do if you have one of these dogs.

The most important thing to know about building a blue house is that it will take some serious work to complete.

This blue house has been done.

The main reason for this is the fact that it is the result of many years of hard work.

I am a DIY enthusiast, and when I started this project, I wanted to create something that I could enjoy while making my own hobby, which is not easy with a house.

If you want to do something similar, check out the DIY-blue house guide for building a DIY blue house.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started.

The first step is to build the base.

The simplest way to do this is to use wood as the base material.

If the base is wood, you can use a slab or similar material for the roof.

It will make the project easier and also allow you to have the space to work on.

You could also use concrete, but the cost is much higher.

If your base is concrete, you will need to drill a hole through the top of the base and fill it with cement, then sand and sand again.

I use a drill press to do the work, but any drill will do.

Once you have the base complete, you should then drill a 2-3 inch hole through it and fill in the holes in the bottom.

This is where the house should sit.

Now you will want to use a piece of wood that is close to the floor, so you can lay it flat and lay it on its side, facing up.

You will want a solid piece of metal to be in between the metal base and the metal roof.

The easiest way to achieve this is by using a jointer or router, as well as some scrap wood.

The metal you use should be solid enough to hold the base, but not too much to make it difficult to remove.

The next step is cutting the metal piece into the base so it fits nicely and stays in place.

If it is too short, the base will break down.

If too long, the roof won’t fit.

If a bit of wood is cut off at the bottom of the metal frame, it will hold the frame together.

The second option is to just cut the metal into the roof with a table saw.

This will allow you access to the metal underneath.

You can then cut off the wood to use as a floor.

The last option is for the metal to have a flat top and bottom, or the roof to have two separate roof pieces, one for each side of the house.

The reason for these choices is to give the house the flexibility of being built in the middle.

A simple rule of thumb is that the base should have the same height on each side as the roof and the same width on the roof on each end.

This means that the bottom edge of the roof is the same as the top edge of your base.

This also means that there is a level ground to the ground of the ground on the top and ground to your roof on the bottom, which means that if you place a door on your front side, the front door is facing the house and the door will go up the middle of the yard.

Now that you have everything nailed down, the next step to doing this is making the base more sturdy.

First, you need to cut out a hole for the main beam.

This can be a straight cut or it can be curved.

The best option is curved because it allows you to make a more effective cutting.

The bottom of this hole will be for the top part of the beam.

You should then make a cut in the wood with a saw to allow you a nice straight line to work with.

Now, you have a piece that is about the size of your main beam, but you will make a bigger hole in the roof so that it sits flush with the base to allow for a little more clearance between the two parts.

Now you need a second piece of the main structure to add a roof.

You want to make sure that the front side of this roof is flat enough that you can make a nice smooth cut with a router or table saw to give you a decent height.

The roof can be straight, curved, or made of any combination of the three.

The final piece is the floor.

This piece can either be straight or curved, and you can either cut it out with a

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