How to avoid the naked Russian women at the Russian restaurant

Russian restaurant owners are using the Russian language to advertise their food in Russian.

One Russian restaurant, the Naked Russian Restaurant in Moscow, offers the customers a menu in Russian in the Russian menu book.

“Our menu is very popular,” Yelena, a Russian woman in her 40s, told The Jerusalem News.

“We sell the most beautiful dishes and they are all good.”

The Naked Russian is owned by a Russian man and his family, who are all married.

The Russian menu offers a menu of items such as fried chicken, grilled salmon, lobster and shrimp.

In Russian, the word for seafood is тонова, which means “fishing” or “shrimp.”

“I’m very happy to hear that our menu is in Russian,” Yelenakova told The News.

She is one of the many Russian women who enjoy the Naked Russia in Moscow.

She said that the Naked Russians in Moscow were “pretty” and that “everyone who comes to our restaurant is really friendly and helpful.”

The Russian Restaurant owners have been selling the Naked russian restaurant since 2013.

“I feel really good, happy and comfortable,” Yeleniakova said.

The restaurant is a “unique experience for us,” Yelenic said.

The restaurant’s menu is full of dishes that are delicious, but the food itself is expensive.

According to the restaurant owners, the price of the Naked Russian is around 2,400 to 2,800 rubles ($0.60 to $0.80).

“Our prices are really high because we have the experience to serve the customer.

We also have a nice experience to work,” Yelenchakova added.

The Naked Russia menu features a large menu, which includes the restaurant’s traditional dishes.

One of the main dishes is a fried chicken dish, which is fried with a spicy and salty sauce.

The owner of the Russian Naked Russ restaurant, Yelena Vashtaeva, told the Jerusalem News that the customers are very happy with the Naked restaurant in Moscow because the customers do not feel like going to the restaurants with foreign tourists.

“People come to the Naked Restaurants because they like our food,” she said.

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