How Russian vodka is made

Russian vodka has been made in a special Russian distillery, in a remote region of the country, by a Russian scientist, a US diplomat says.

The scientist, who was invited to speak at the conference, says the vodka has a complex taste and can be made from different grain and different types of fruit, and is fermented in a specially modified glass. 

Russian vodka was the first Russian-made vodka, made in Russia in the mid-20th century, according to the diplomat, whose comments were published in an official US embassy statement. 

The scientist told the conference that Russian vodka was distilled in a distillery in the Russian Far East that has a long history. 

“We were asked to produce vodka in the Far East.

We have been doing this for the last 25 years,” the scientist told a room full of journalists.

“The vodka was made by a botanist.

He has worked for Russian state-owned company Rosneft for decades.

He is a botanical scientist.

He did it for the first time in Russia. 

I am very happy to be here to tell you this.” 

A botanists’ distillery?

A Russian botanism specialist?

Russian vodka, the first vodka to be distilled in Russia since the USSR, was distilled by Russian chemist Dmitri Ivanov in 1925.

He and his son Nikolai, also a botany specialist, have worked at the Moscow distillery since 1986. 

Dmitri Ivanivich, a botanicist and distiller of Russian vodka in Moscow, pictured with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

It was at the distillery that Dmitri had the idea to use a different process than the one he used to produce Russian vodka.

“I thought that the distillation should be like the process of a distilled wine. 

So, I used the same process of extracting fruit juice from fruit trees, as I have done for decades,” he said. 

His distillation process is a “more or less” modern approach, and he said it was not “necessarily inferior”.

“It is more or less modern in every sense,” he told the reporters.

“In some sense, it has been simplified, but I am very satisfied with it.” 

In the past, vodka was bottled and sold in Moscow.

It was a popular drink at weddings and in celebrations. 

But the distilling process, Dmitri said, allowed for the vodka to stay fresh and flavourful for longer.

He said that his goal was to make the product more palatable to the wider public, who often wanted to taste something different than the standard Russian vodka that they might buy at a supermarket. 

In 2014, a Russian company, Oruv-A, bought the distilleries in the United States for $1.5bn. 

 “The Russian vodka industry has never been more than a trickle in terms of production. 

Now, as a result of the acquisition of the distillers in the US, we are seeing a dramatic growth in our production of Russian brandy.

We will see a real change in our reputation for Russian brandies and for Russian vodka,” Dmitry said.

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