How Russia has turned the U.S. into a laughing stock

A few days after the U-2 spy plane crashed in Russia, President Donald Trump was seen laughing at a news conference at the White House as he talked about how the Soviet Union turned America into a “laughing stock.”

“When we went to war, the United States and Russia had an exchange rate of one dollar to the dollar.

And I was like, that’s terrible,” Trump said at a press conference Wednesday.

“We’re going to make sure it stays that way.”

The exchange rate is the basis for the U:P.

dollar, but the U.-2 was a U.K.-built spy plane that flew long-range missions, helping U.N. inspectors track down and neutralize Nazi Germany.

The plane’s crash in a Russian village in December 1967 ended with the deaths of more than 100 people.

Trump said the Soviet-led invasion of Afghanistan, where the plane had gone down, was a “total disaster” and that the U was “going to have to do something.”

The U. S. has not made any official comment on the crash, but a statement from the U,S.

ambassador to the Uruzgan government, Robert T. Jones, says: “In response to the tragic loss of the U2 spyplane in the Russian village of Khyber Pass, the U of S will work closely with our partners in the Ural Mountains region to ensure a full and thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.”

The plane was carrying a team of Russian scientists, engineers and military officers, and it had been on a mission to study nuclear weapons, said the statement.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the loss of a valuable U. of S asset in the Khybers Pass area of Russia,” Jones said.

The U-1 and U-5 spy planes flew missions over the Soviet bloc and in Afghanistan before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and were used by the U and the Soviets to monitor the countrys Cold War foes.

A year after the crash of the spy plane, the Soviets said they had destroyed most of the aircraft and it was not known whether the plane was still in use.

“The U-4 and U. 5 aircraft were used to conduct reconnaissance of Soviet targets,” the Soviet government said in a statement.


Arundel’s crash has prompted U.A.E. officials to take steps to improve safety standards, including closing off roads to foreign aircraft.

The World War II bomber, built in Germany by Bendix, was first flown over the Urengrad region in 1945, the same year that Germany was occupied by the Soviets and the Berlin wall was erected.

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